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PAMM Account

Here, you will have a unique opportunity to invest in my PAMM Account at Alpari Broker. With my extensive experience and knowledge in the financial markets, this account seeks to maximize returns for investors. Every investment is a step towards a brighter future. Let’s build a profitable future together.



By investing in a PAMM account, you can earn money without having any online trading skills.



This service is certified by the independent international recovery company. You can monitor the trading results of the account manager in your personal cabin.



This service is certified by the independent international recovery company. You can monitor the trading results of the account manager in your personal cabin.

The PAMM service, designed by Alpari, is an innovative method in the investment world that allows investors to benefit from the activities of experienced traders without the need to conduct personal transactions. This system, which has become popular all over the world, is a common platform for cooperation between investors and traders.

This system allows investors to profit from the financial markets with minimal effort and without having specialized trading knowledge. Also, traders can increase their earning potential by managing more funds. This mutual cooperation provides an opportunity for financial growth and development for both investors and traders.

Investing has become easier!

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Register in Alpari broker and deposit to your account with one of the appropriate methods


Invest and monitor your investment account balance in your personal cabin

PAMM account process

This process makes the PAMM account an attractive investment tool for those who wish to use the expertise of an experienced trader without directly engaging in trading themselves. This system also allows traders to increase their earning potential by managing more funds.

Investment Conditions

The manager opens a PAMM account and deposits a certain amount (minimum $ 500) into it as the manager’s budget, she is not allowed to withdraw this amount (and this is an incentive for prudent trading).

The manager forms a proposal and determines the terms of cooperation with investors, including the percentage of her fee for managing the accounts.

Investors invest their desired amount in the trader’s PAMM account. This amount is the capital that the trader will use to make transactions.

The trader makes trades in the market using the total capital collected. The trader is fully responsible for trading and risk management.

In case of profit, this profit is divided according to the share of each investor in the PAMM account. If there is a loss, the loss will be divided in the same way.

The trader receives a percentage of the profit as a fee for managing the funds. This fee is deducted before dividing the profit among the investors.

All transactions are done automatically.

Investors can withdraw their profits at the end of certain periods set by the trader or choose to keep their capital for further periods.

Investors can decide to exit the PAMM account and withdraw their capital at any time.

Alpari Invest Application

  • Deposit with one click and withdraw funds immediately
  • Capital control and receiving notifications about inventory changes

Investment Partners

In the cooperation section, there are special opportunities for those who wish to represent our PAMM account. If you have the ability to attract new investors and want to share in the profits from the management of these funds, I invite you to contact us. By attracting new investors, our agents can receive a percentage of the manager’s fee from these investors as a bonus. This partnership not only contributes to the growth and development of the PAMM account, but is also an opportunity for fundraising partners to benefit from joint successes. For more information and to start cooperation, please contact me.